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Lenka Konopasek  Salt Lake City, UT

'CA fire'
'Oil rig on fire'

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About Lenka

Lenka Konopasek was born in Czech Republic in 1967 and lived for several years in Germany before emigrating to the United States in 1989. She received an MFA from Maine College of Art, Portland in 2011.

Konopasek is interested in the conflict of conscience experienced during disastrous situations and their harrowing aftermath. In her paintings, she wishes to emphasizes the contrast between first impressions of man-made structures and the deeper implications they have for the environment.

She believes that the menacing presence of an enormous landslide is a perfect indicator of human indifference to our longevity as a race. Many of her paintings raise political questions, such as: ‘what is being artificially implanted on the environment?’ and conjure up ideas about human longevity, cultural values, and national attitudes towards the preservation of nature.

Her work has been exhibited nationwide and awarded numerous prizes, including most recently third place at the 2009 Utah Artist Show.

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"Thank goodness someone is focusing on this. Hopefully the world will listen. I like the sense of movement and abstraction."

"Muy buena. Tienes fantasía, originalidad y sabes componer. Enhorabuena."

"No likey. Sorry."

"you have touched that space between the objective and the nonobjective...wonderful."

"Honey! Remind me to pick up a smoke detector next week."

"Genuinely interesting. Nicely done."

"Beautiful and engaging. I appreciate your artist statement too. Agree!"

"Fascinating! - I like!"

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