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Michael Brown  Atlanta, GA

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About Michael

The desire to recognize and understand an ideal is flawed. Symbols often represent opposites simultaneously. This work is influenced by eugenics, mysticism, perfection, plato, Bueys rabbit, greek mythology, albinism, the natural, the created, biblical fables and growing up in a podunk town in upstate New York.

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"Did you do the million man poster"


"Michael, thank you so much for what you do. I had two of your students as art teachers in the last 4 years. They were both great, but one in particular, Aaron Bernard, was the best thing that ever happened to me. Not only did he teach me to create, he taught me to understand what, exactly I was *trying* to create, and gave credit for a lot of his philosophy to you.I've never met you, but your legacy is reaching new artists through your former students who all speak highly of you (and speak of you often). You deserve to be recognized for that as well as your art.Again, thank you."

"looks like little peeps thats cute"

"I was a student of yours one semester at SCAD. You were a great teacher and I am inspired by your work."

"I lOVE your work Michael! Always have ~"

"the finishing on the work reminds me ofsalvador dalithe persistence of memory&sleepi love this"

"I hate Easter!"

"dude this has got to be the greatest painting i have ever seen god job"

"I love how your work has a surreal part to it. I think the flames add a deeper meaning to your paintings. Very beautiful."

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