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Bethany Krull  Buffalo, NY


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About Bethany

Her current series, Dominance and Affection, exemplifies how human beings interact with natural world, and in particular with animals.

She argues that in today’s evermore developed environment, our most intimate contact with nature is established through ineractions with plants and animals that have been radically altered for our purposes.

Wild animals have been turned into our companions at the expense of their nature, she argues. ‘We have genetically sculpted them into sweeter, cuter, less threatening versions of their former selves. We shower our pets with love while the same time containing or even caging them.’

Krull has concluded that no amount of love we lavish upon our pets erases the fact that the relationship is dependent upon complete domination over their existence. Her work explores this idea.

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"Her artist statement is pure geneious"

"I totally agree with Donnalb2! The artist statement hit very close to home! And while I have a dog that I will not give up, i think the artists idea that we have a dominant relationship over the animals in our lives is a right on concept. I love this work as it real makes one examine relationships, power and comfort."

"words are inadequate. Very interesting work reflecting much thought,time, and effort."

"Intriguing art. Am I the only one bothered that the artist is burdened with different spellings of her name in the posting, once as Krull and once as Kroll...?"

"I love it!Just one comment.I'm not sure if its suppose to be lie this but it should be painted. other else its one of the best piece I have ever seen!"

"Interesting works... Love the website!"

"Very thought provoking.....statements and artwork!"

"Though I have in the past been known as the author of a children's work titled, "Bug Are Ugly!" I do find that I appreciate this artist's work, its skill of craftsmanship and what it has to say -- even if the bug, hairless cat and a few other animal bits are discomfiting (but then, I believe they were meant to be.) It was good to tour the artist's website to see works of a greater variety of subject matter, material and finer detail. Her bronze work was good. I most enjoyed her extensive archive of photos showing her process of work and some works in progress that I would prefer in subject matter. (Her site also had several links to others, especially including the very impressive wood sculptures of her artist-husband. Good work, Ms. Krull. Keep sharing with the rest of us; you are increasing our understanding of the world around us and ourselves."

"I rather not say i hate this peace of art because it looks bad, but more to I don't like bugs. Even if it's dead it doesn't interest me."

"Profound connection between art and the natural. And, yes, I agree, Kafka incarnated!"

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