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Nathan Abels  Denver, CO

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About Nathan

My artwork is influenced by a sense of place, personal geographic transitions, and the organization of both public and private space.

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"Thanks for your thoughts and feedback everyone."

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"nathan your art is awesome it is so creative and fantastic. i've only seen a few of your photos and i like them too. i dont think that you should compair two diffrent types of art because they are better in diffrent aspects. it is pretty cool that that i actually know a real artist. from chris"

"The contrails reminded me of childhood living close to a military base, and the dun colored housing as well. Very nostalgic for me. Thank you for painting and sharing."

"Your work is very still, but in a good way. For me it lifts me, your low horizons make me float.I can feel the air in your skies, it's wonderful.The airport lobby (I think) is not one of my favorites (because it does the opposite of your landscapes) but I think it does what you wanted to an empty space, one that we're all familiar with, although rarely see empty! It's a little surreal in that aspect.Yes, back to your skies, they are my favorite."

"They are flat, but they also make me feel flat. Very evocative of lonely spaces we've all been in within ourselves."

"the simplicity with the attention to detail, is so surreal. the jet way trails on the top painting is brilliant. and the hazy/foggy lighting in the airport waiting area is so subtle and poignant."

"At first I thought that your subject material was pretty boring, but your style is beautiful in its simplicity and gives ordinary things new life. Nice."

"I have no emotional response to these. Although they each show converging planes, there is no sense of dimensions. I agree that they look flat."

"Excellent!! Cant believe that these are actually paintings. I liked all the paintings and photographs on your website too. Beautiful perspective."

"At first I thought these were photographs, so, well done with the use of realism. However, I don't feel moved by these pieces. Some of your actual photographs on the webpage are great, but these don't seem to have any emotion like those do. Very flat to me."

"He has nice photos, but there are the less interesting one, I think... See his website"

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