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Augustine Kofie  Los Angeles, CA

'Circulations of a Central Service'
'Circulatory System No.08- So rare to her'

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About Augustine

Augustine Kofie was born in 1973 and has been active in the West Los Angeles graffiti scene since the mid-90s. He is primarily self-taught.

From a deep interest in architecture, typography, 1960s iconography, contemporary music and street culture, Kofie constructs barely perceptible dialogues that hold meaning for himself. Intense skill and technique reflect a certain reliance upon structure in the creative process. His collages and assemblages consist of many layers—a mix of intentional and unintentional order.

There is a distinct contrast between his mechanic line work, and organic structures, all of which culminating in a heavy earth-toned and a multi-layered not subject to gravity. Kofie aims to create images that leap off the canvas at the viewer but at the same time invite him to join a conversation.

His work has been exhibited across Los Angeles and in New York.

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6 reactions displayed

"Syd Mead, anyone??"

"Watched the video. Absolutely Beautiful Work. Your line-work is stellar. Love it all."

"It is so hard to stop looking at. Its..... just amazing the colors, the shapes, and lines. wonderful!"

"Really like the combination of illustration with abstraction. The interaction of line and shape plus the subdued colors are a joy to look at. Love the creativity."

"Love collage and mr.Kofie knows what he's doing. These pieces of art are the one I will look at, come back look at it again etc.etc. there's a lot to discover. Good use of color and it has a great sense of rhythm. (Play some Anthony Braxton or Cecil Taylor while looking at this work).Video is good as well. Thanks."

"Besides loving the name Augustine,his work boggles the mind.It reminds me of Chirico though only a bit.I love it.His art is so layered,precise that the fact it's unintentional makes it something far more than mere drawings.His skill level is through the roof but there is so much more 2 see.It's like each layer has a story I have 2 figure out which is why the fact that it's unintentional makes it gr8.I wonder,is A.K.talented as well in mathematics?I can't stop looking,trying 2 figure out what the artist feels+means & what it means 2 me."

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