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Eugene Soloviev  Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

'The frozen nation'
'Time manager'

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About Eugene

Eugene Soloviev is a self-taught digital artist from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.

He started his career as a graphic design in 2006 and lapsed into art through experimenting with software Adobe Photoshop, cutting out objects and placing them them in non-standard landscapes.

Today his experiments have emerged as fully fledged futuristic landscapes, surreal and dreamlike in quality. Many of his compositions feature one solitary human figure, offsetting the magnitude and strangeness of the landscape.

Recommended by our guest curators

Matt Wyatt

Founder/President of Rochester MFA

"I enjoy Eugene’s work because of the way he slices solitary figures out of everyday life and drops them into unfamiliar scenes. He’s inventive and daring the way he combines images. He’s certainly an emerging artist worth keeping an eye on to see how he progresses with time."

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'The Sea'




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"So cool! How does he do it? Is it editing or real?"

"Paintings...very nice"

"its like painting after we humans use up the earth and there is only one guy left..................."

"This is so beautiful, Triumphant!"

"I can feel the emotion from these paintings.... :) Beautiful!!"

"Very grim. Almost depressing."

"I love these they are amazing!"

"i love this picture, so nice.............@_@"

"immediately made me think of one of the greatest painters of the romantic era, Caspar David Friedrich. Check out the similarities!"

"Wow very cool I like it allot."

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