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Ben Tour  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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About Ben

Ben Tour’s paintings and drawings are primarily portraits, of characters real and imagined, forming a kind of visual diary of personalities that have impressed Tour, and inspired him, even in their absence, to attempt capturing the qualities of those impressions. The images are nearly always composed of a central figure occupying an indistinct ground, with passages of pristine white space offsetting densely detailed areas, keeping the eye curious. Subtle variations in color and the unexpected transitions between them give both the figures and their surroundings a haunting, indeterminate aura and rich painterly texture. Faces are modeled using dissonant pigmentation and jaunty, distorted contours; his portraiture is not realist, it is evocative. It has gravitas, wit and specificity without regard for accuracy.

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"hey i like the art its undisciable"

"Beautiful work!"

"I have new Giclee Prints up on my Website's store- please go check them"

" quite a picky artist and its nice to appreciate somethin without staring at it for hours.. not that that would be an issue...x awesome keep trolling along."

"i would pay for your workvery inspiringi absolutely adore your shading techniqueamazing"

"Very dramatic work. Expression and feeling are Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"The redhead is fantastic."

"this painting is sp unique ..... i love the colors in the painting"

"oh... lordy. I LOVE these so very much. beautiful, innovative, refreshing with the right amount of wonderous weirdness. :)the website is full of great work- and i agree with angelaca. I would totally put these up in my apartment!"

"i really like this picture because it is so beautiful,and i wish i could draw like that"

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