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John Breiner  New York, NY

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About John

John Breiner, born 1980 outside of Poughkeepsie, NY, received his degree in Illustration from the School Of Visual Arts. He has shown his work in the P.P.O.W. gallery and curated the Annual Grand Champions Forever art show. In the past few years he completed several large scale murals throughout the borough of Brooklyn as well as organized events for Room Service Productions and completed several Album Covers for various Hip Hop musicians.

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"Very interesting. Beautiful washes...expressive use of media. The 'breaking off' of the figures reminds me of Goodwin's work. The combination of imagery is intriguing. Do I detect justoposition? I really get a sense of a relationship being established between..I dunno...the urban and the rural? Dreams colliding with the grit of reality? Whatever it is...I could look at it for a long time. Keep 'em coming!"

"Ha!, wow good suprise finding this.. I do have more work @ (these images are 4 plus years old).. As for the surface space Salinger53,(michael?) i don't work on canvas specifically because i don't feel it. i really can only work on surfaces that have some life to em, thus is why i feel like sometimes leaving blank space is working with it more then filling it in..and at times tougher too..and i do have prints available for anyone thats interested.."

"like swoon."

"I think John's Illustrations are stronger than his paintings. I like the reoccuring themes, very creative. I would like to see more canvas taken up... there seems to be a lot of open and unfilled space."

"Interesting technique and subject.Good composition. Keep at it, you'll only get better."

"nice job I love the colors"

"Whoa this is weird......kinda creepy too!!!!!! <3"

"I like these pics. Do you have copies for poseters?"

"Great job. More than interesting. If possible let me know where I can see more pieces. Keep it up, I'm inspired!"

"Keep painting those book covers. that's a good gimmick. Makes your work unique.Take lessons or get a better artist to tutor you. You need to take some classes in art. You have talent; you just need some more training. Congratulations on making it this far. Keep going."

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