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Sarah Williams  Denton, TX

'Unionville House'
'Chula Carwash'

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About Sarah

Sarah Williams received a BFA summa cum laude from William Woods University in 2006 and an MFA in painting and drawing from University of Northern Texas in 2009.

Her latest series focuses closely on her roots in the rural American Midwest. Being raised in a small town and then moving for her education to an urban setting lent her a greater awareness of the seemingly mundane, anonymous that exists in our periphery and tend to be ignored.

Lately Williams has been compelled to paint what she knows best—the environment she grew up in. Aesthetically, she am interested in light sources and the play of light on surfaces. This has led her to paint nightscapes isolated and unremarkable buildings that are nonetheless familiar, and rooms and scenes located in rural areas close to her home.

Williams uses darkness to edit out extraneous information and provide the viewer with the essence of place. When she renders her subject in a representational manner she likes to fracture the form and accentuate the light through brushwork, for visually captivating and eerily mysterious effects.

Her work has been exhibited in Texas.

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Kumi Yamashita

New York, NY artist

"I feel like I've been to all the places Sarah Williams has painted. She captures the world filled with familiar places with no familiar faces."

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"are you the gal I know that once was in Il. with Brandon Kennedy?"

"The simple content is transformed so beautifully, lighting is terrific"

"Love the top piece... the lighting is just wonderful."

"unioville house brings me all the warmth that 'home for christmas' is all about, simple."

"These paintings are AHmazing!!! I thought they were both photographs at first and was stunned when I read that you were able to create the images with paint! The house reminds me of Austin and how a few lights can transform cute into tranquil."

"Great book-cover! And with that great story, it would be among the best of all the old time story writers. Beyond vanishing point."

"wow these paintings represent everything well done"

"Oklahoma, U S A"

"I really like these. I want to just sit and ponder them, which to me equals very good art!"

"looks so cool and colorful. almost like someone different from everyone else in the middle of a dull crowd."

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