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Cheryl Wassenaar  St. Louis, MO


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About Cheryl

Cheryl Wassenaar received an MFA from the University of Cincinnati. Prior to that she studied at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Using recycled material, she explores the function of text in painting, sculpture, and design. Her latest series repurposes commercial signage, turning discarded wood into visual signs that borrow from modernist painting and advertising. The new text was devised in collaboration with writers and poets.

Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in over fifty group and solo exhibitions. It features in corporate collections including Fidelity Investments in Boston, Steelcase Inc. in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, and Urban Institute of Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids in Michigan.

Wassenaar currently lives in St Louis, Missouri, where she works as an Associate Professor at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, Washington University.

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"Wow. That's interesting... I haven't seen much like it before!"

"Suggests masive amount of data, not information, to process each micro-second"

"The designs r awesome!!!!!!!_!"

"washu represent!!"

"Cheryl - I am obsessed - fascinated - with verbiage too! I dunno - is it be cause my dad was a lithographer and as a little child I would hang in his print shop on Melrose in Hollywood - Creating blocks of type, with messages and printing on the roller test printer all by myself? or was it proofing his work for him at a too young of an age? OK all of that-Love your pieces-The best I can do is wear, all that I can, of clothing with messages - Cool messages - simple font - smart assed messages - ha Newest acquisition - Thomas Wylde silk scarf, White with black text, "EQUALITY FOR ALL" OK too long a comment I should be embarrassed"

"Love these!! would also love to know what they say... unless its just random letters- which i doubt"

"This art is new to me, the style of the art through words is something as a artist of me never uses. But looking at this is changing my mind. I might start trying something similar to this type of art."

"love the graphics! Way Awesome!"

"I love your work Cheryl"

"Sprawl is good as a decorative piece.On(soon).....not so much."

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