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Eduardo Bertone  Madrid, Spain

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About Eduardo

I was born in Argentina in 1977, there I studied graphic design and started to work as a freelance artist. In 2000 I moved to Madrid where I worked as art director, freelance illustrator and I also began being interested in painting. Then I studied illustration which gave the possibility to chose new ways to show my point of view. I have shown part of my work in visual projects, books, magazines, a couple of small solo shows, and I took part in some art group exhibitions in different parts of the world.

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Eduardo Bertone
2008-12-30 @ 5:13 AM

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would you rather do digitel or drawring

OMG I love ur works

usedthis for school but realised its amazing

Thank you, this is truly inspirational


are your works for sale?

I absolutely love his work! go to the website. there are so many different techniques and influences that perfectly coincide within each work. They all have so much energy. I could stare at them for days and see something new each time but still not feel overwhelmed.

As an artist myself, I have to give this piece, great admiration. It is very fasinating, one piece of artwork can show 20 years of someones life, and thats what im fetting out of this.

It's beautiful. All the happy bright colors does not disturb the emotions expressed by the faces on the portrait.

it probably used alot of imagination a nd that is what made the picture facinating

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