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Brian Hart  Minneapolis, MN

'How to stand'
'Absurdist portrait of dena with umbrella and bike'

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Brian Hart makes detailed light painting photographs. Each one takes up to twenty minutes to expose.

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"sorry to disappoint with deleting the older work, TMS - i wanted to get the freshest work up and will be gathering a selection of work from the last 6 years of this process in the coming weeks. thank you all for your feedback - i really do love hearing how people experience these images."

"Great work. Very interesting. At first glance I thought it was neon. To Anonymous with the snide remark. What kind of creative work do you do? It certainly has nothing to do with kindness and "constructive" criticism. Keep up the good work Brian Hart. Hope to see more of it."

"The entire process could take twenty years to create and your right 20 minutes the world would know"

"@ Anonymous. It says 20 minutes to EXPOSE, genius. The entire process start to finish could take 20 years for all you know ;)"

"AWESOME!!!!love it."

"Interesting, intelligent and creative work. This is not an easy medium in which to work and do it well. For every child that has tried to draw an image in the dark with flashlight, sparkler or burning stick, this is what is possible when you grow up and apply yourself to skill. The work of planning beforehand and the generating of a cohesive work afterward are both labor intensive and challenging to the artist's skills and creativity. (The anonymous critic's snarky remarks about "art in 20 minutes" were absolutely ignorant and uncalled for.) My only disappointment was going to the artist's website and finding that what the artist considered to be "old work" had been deleted from viewing. What there was to see, however, quite possibly made up for my imagined loss. Good work."

"It reflects exactly how I feel when standing - Fantastic"

"This is some really cool work. Excellent artist."

"original and thought provoking as well as pleasing to the eye"

"VERY COOL!! And way to represent the 612!"

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