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Jeffrey Batchelor  Boca Raton, FL

'Knight Watch'

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About Jeffrey

Jeffrey Batchelor was born in North Carolina in 1960 and studied at University of North Carolina at Greensboro, deferring in 1987 to pursue a career in theatrical scene painting.

After years’ of experience, his practice branched out into fine art painting, and realism emerged as a particular strength from within his broad stylistic repertoire.

Batchelor continues to reach for ever greater levels of detail, but prefers glazing and blending to the less tactile airbrushing technique.

In paintings that feature glass objects, he uses magnifiers to delineate and define myriad reflections and refractions. It is realism for realism’s sake, he concedes.

Batchelor likes to take an idea or a concept and develop it beyond realism into something surreal. When rectangular canvases start to constrain him, he builds canvases of other shapes and paints trompe-l’oeils.

His work has been exhibited across the East Coast and collected internationally.

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"its beautiful. pic."

"So freakin' AWESOME!!!! This is, by far, the best work I've come across in this site so far!!"

"Tres bien"

"I like it!"

"It's gorgeous Jeff! I love the details. You've got GREAT talent! Personally it makes me think this sad looking woman is playing a different type of chess. I think it's her 'Game Of Life', she just lost; badly. If she were the white pieces, than the black pieces (her enemy of an opponent) just got checkmate."

"wow. its beautiful. its. wow"

"I appreciate this level of realism because I think it is the toughest to do. When I was in Art school( a hundred years ago)I had the unwavering opinion that every artist should achieve photo realism before moving on in creative style. There is great value truly SEEing your subject. I love that you do flowing fabric well. All of it is just wonderful! Kath"

"Of the artist's 3 galleries (on his website) I am most impressed by the "Crystal Realism" gallery. Then, I find interest in the continuing Special Project. I do enjoy and appreciate the creativity and flights of fancy of the Surrealism gallery, but it doesn't work for me quite as well as the high, crisp skill of the "Crystal" pieces."

"im not quite sure what emotion it makes me feel, but it makes me feel! so wether happy or sad i cant wait to see more"

"Has DALI flavor, looks great"

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