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Brooke Shaden  Los Angeles, CA

'A storm to move mountains'
'The red eternal'

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About Brooke

Brooke Shaden was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, near the Amish Country. She holds two degrees from Temple University, one in film and another in English.

Her square format and heavy texture are intended to create a painterly aesthetic that defeats certain boundaries of photography. Using these tools, she creates new worlds through her images.

Self portraiture does not need to be autobiographical, says Shaden, who uses it instead to place herself in unfamiliar or unreal places, often inside-out or idealized. In her work she struggles to define what it means to be human.

Shaden currently lives in Los Angeles. Her work has been exhibited locally.

Recommended by our guest curators

Andreas Englund

Stockholm, SE artist

"Her pieces makes me think of Tamara de Lempickas art – the shapes, use of warm earth colors and the red fabric – I love it. The colors feel smooth and stands in deep contrasts to the dramatic scene. The background, wich looks like a scene from the romantic era, confronting the sublimity of untamed nature. The woman, standing in a neat pose affected by the wild wind which combines the two elements – woman and nature. Together this affects me in a way I cannot resist."

Natalie Shau

Vilnius, Lithuania artist

"Brooke creates stunning atmosphere, her photography is so surreal and dreamy. Her woks just take you inside and whisper strange stories."

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2 comments from the artist

"@Jackie - Any image you find on my site is available, just shoot an email to the JoAnne Artman Gallery and they will help you out :) Thanks a bunch, and I really appreciate your kind words!"

"@Ace - I'm really grateful for your feedback. That wording does sound presumptuous - I shouldn't say that I am redefining anything, but instead simply attempting to. Thanks!"

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"Its really pretty i really love this"

"Dear Brooke --- I love bold contrast, and my favorite color is red --- the red you used in 'A storm to move mountains' ---- the wave and flow if the dress is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your great talent!!"

"its beautiful. its mysterious. its...i'll shut up and just add this to my gallery"

"I really love the paintings. Its as if she staring at me."

"I love the sense of movement captured"

"BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! I Love It."

"I could get lost in 'A storm to move mountains'. I love the warm colors of the backdrop in contrast to the richness of the fury of the moment being portrayed."

"magnificient!! m soo loving these :):)"

"reminds me of the cappa magna that cardinals wear"

"Its wonderful & beautiful."

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