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Alice Zilberberg  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Alice

Alice Zilberberg received a BFA in photography from Ryerson University, Toronto, in 2011.

Inspired by folklore, mythology, and fairy tales, her work explores themes of femininity and environment. Image composites lend her work a fantastical, dream-like quality.

Her work has been exhibition across Canada and in Japan. In 2010, she shortlisted for a prize by Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward.

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"beautiful, strong work"


"Very Nice, i feel better now tnx."

"The biobulb, sorry I couldn't see the title, is really amazing. It seems dark but somehow calming. Well done."

"I'm not crazy in lowe with the subject matter and its darkness, but this is strong work by a strong talent and is aesthetically very beautiful. I was torn between a 4 and a 5 rating, ultimately went with 4."

"its really fun to see how photos artist can manipulate photos and brings out a new twist to it... clap clap clap x 100 !!"

"Absolutely LOVE this! Amazing"

"Thats like saying "i get turned off when i can tell the artist used oil paints" art is art. Its either something you like or don't. Inreality we both know 9 out of 10 chances say this was good old PS work. But then again maybe not (doub it, just saying)"

"Ben Franklin gone wild or maybe to Oz."

"beautiful, strong work"

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