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Michael Manalo  Quezon City, Philippines

'The story teller'
'What worries you, masters you'

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About Michael

Michael Manalo is a self-taught, digital mixed-media artist.

Using illustration and assemblage techniques he merges scenes from his mind’s eye with others captured on paper, in an attempt to create a habitat for his unconscious.

He describes himself as fascinated by life at large, from school fights to lone adults in parks and from flamboyant Mohawk hairstyles at concerts to private moments of inner turmoil.

Emotions flood into his mind as already fully-formed images, he says. The challenge for Malano is to convey these untempered feelings through universally known stories for greater comprehensibility.

His work has been exhibited in Poland and the Philippines.

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'Mountain Views'

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"so realistic"

"i love your paintings,"

"I literally lost a few breaths when I saw these. I find that very rarely happens when I see artwork, if ever. But these, these were powerful. I truely appreciate the talent that someone is able to share in any artistic way, but these were the pinnacle of all I have seen to date! Thank you for sharing such talent and passion with the world!"

"this is beautiful. truly a genius this man is. reminds me of my inner self."

"they move me exquisitly."

"I am not an artist but I do recognize when a piece of art captures your eyes causing you to stand still taking in it's beauty. Truly captivating."

"Maravillosas imágenes!"

"good technical work - sets a mood"

"Awakens the Soul! Blessed Be MvM! Namaste'"

"Splendid. Serene. Loves it!"

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