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Masakatsu Sashi  Ishikawa, Japan


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About Masakatsu

Masakatsu Sashie is a Japanese painter from Kanazawa.

His detailed paintings feature large urban spheres that appear to hovering above the remnants of a lost or deteriorating human civilization.

Sashie aims to give his city spheres a fantastical “old Japan” look, mixing elements of post-WWII Japanese architecture with fantasy or science fiction.

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"Very cool image! Sometimes it feels like our planet is that crowded with stuff!"

"this is some AMAZING work. i absolutely love this."

"This is SuperFantastic!!!!"

"Excellent work. Art that is NOT thought-provoking is brain pablum. Unfortunately, some brains are not equipped to realize that, and they simply are deep-thought-intolerant."

"OK, I get it -- good point"

"I like this view and the art is amazing as well as dramatic, although the concept does not really hit home for me, the ideas are fresh and interesting to say the's bold and exciting"

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