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Adam Santelli  Los Angeles, CA

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About Adam

Adam Santelli was born in the suburbs of Ohio and received a BFA from Ohio State University.

Since he moved to California he has worked as a director of photography for both films and commercials. An avid music fan, Santelli has enjoyed working on music videos for among others Marylin Manson, A Perfect Circle, Snoop Dogg, and The Ramones.

His photography reflects a belief that composition has the power to convey a story, and a clear strategic approach to framing. His Canonball series focuses on confinement and lack of control, using the underwater environment. The impact of the water forced him to work without order and likewise his models lost some control of their poses and facial expressions.

Santelli currently lives in Los Angeles, California. His work has been nominated for an Emmy and an MTV award, among others.

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Shawn Frederick

Photographer and Director

"I’m always intrigued by those that shoot within the realm of water, as it’s our most sacred of life elements. With Adams water work of women, it truly evokes that primal feeling of a human specie exploding into a life of “Consciousness”."

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"your first image looks to me like a vagina excepting sperm. life in the make, right? great work dude!"

"I will need to revisit - I would like to see an avatar"

"wow. calming, beautiful, cannonball. nice!"

"Wow! That first image looks like a tortellini being dumped into the salted water. Interesting...."

"Stunning video! Well done!"

"Truly beautiful... stunning forms and imagery!"

"The Video is beautiful, mesmerizing! Primal. Interplay of Energy & Matter. Birth - Life - Death. Felt I was watching the creation of the cosmos. And we humans are a beautiful but wee part of it, yet the entirety is inside us all. Would love to see this on the big screen, enveloped in the images!"

"Beautiful captivating peaceful grace.It captured me so thoroughly I didn't find myself thinking about how it was done. Thank you for this beauty in my day."

"Instantly the way water feels on your skin as you hit it...."

"Very nice. Relaxing. The water is in control. I've always loved that feeling when jumping or diving into water.Very good photography."

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