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Tim Yankosky  Fort Lauderdale, FL

'Just One Piece'
Vintage measuring tapes and nails on panel
'Size Queen'
Vintage measuring tapes and nails on panel

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About Tim

Tim Yankosky is inspired by functional wear and patina vintage and found objects. His materials are the driving force behind his work.

He describes his process as telling a story to himself which plays out on the sculpture he is working on.

Yankosky’s latest series, which features vintage measuring tapes, deals with his experience of being “measured” and judged by others.

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Mary Iverson

Seattle, WA artist

"I was tickled to learn that the materials used in Tim’s geometric constructions were vintage measuring tapes; this appeals to my affinity for measurement and accuracy. I also love how the simple shapes emphasize the unique beauty of a sharp edge or corner on a geometric solid."

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"A seemingly simple concept, yet visually arresting with a solid feel of both history and aesthetics. I very much like the strength of his works that feature none of the added painting seen on several on the artist's website. The ones without the painting work on several levels for me. The ones with painted birds feel (possibly just to me) that they have been cheapened in some manner I cannot yet explain. I'll have to look more to see if that sense continues. From greater distances, the ones without added painting even to evoke some sense of appearing as stone rather than the metal rules. My critique is poorly worded, but, overall, I like what I see from this artist."

"I'm impressed by the use of material, but not the result."

"In a nutshell,the"honey-bucket"?"

"u r right art is something no one is supposed to judge because i means something to that person and to all of us"

"Hi Tim,As artists we come from a similar place artistically/philosophically and executive our art quite differently.I may want to communicate with you in the future, please let me know how to do so. PLEASE do not publish my response.Thanks, Fila"

"I think these are visually strong images. Congrats to a fellow Ft. Lauderdale artist."

"So, am I supposed to express an opinion about someone's art which is in effect a judgement of the art and the artist when that is the idea behind the art, that is judging someone? Is that irony?"

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