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Adela Holmes  Savannah, GA

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About Adela

I was born in Szczecin, Poland. My family escaped Socialism by fleeing to Berlin, Germany in Dec 1981. I was 11 when I was told that we were never to return, nor visit home. And then I married a GI and moved to Georgia.

After a culture shock, 2 kids, a collage degree and a divorce, I struggled as a single mom to be a full time employee and a half time mother. An awful choice we have to make which isn’t really a choice. Yet I decided to quit and start my own business. Raising my kids full time was more important to me then anything else in this world. The business didn’t work out.

In the course of coincidences or fate, whichever you believe in, I became an assistant to the artist Laura DiNello who handed me her camera as a gift. And that’s how this career started.

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"Adela, Wow. This is Jeff another GI from Berlin! remember?"

"you are very talented a.holmes - meredith"

"Photos which become light in darkness!An amazing and wonderful work!"

"Adela your work is extemely sensual, as well as very good."

"Night and daaaaaayyyy, you are the one...!Darkness and light, light in the darkness, enlighten the darkness, darken the light, lightness...I don't know but I think I understand you, do I? Some things shell be seen and some maybe not but your picures should be in the light, in the spotlight :-)"

"Beautiful work Adela.... not only do you make beautiful work, but you share it with others. Thank you."

"The pictures in black and white fascinates me. Your story is somewhat a test of life(especially for you!). Good thing you move on and you love your heritage because not all people like that. The scenes towards your pictures reminds of the past because it is totally different from what is today.Cheer up!!!!Nice...."

"i love your play on light, its captivating. your life story is an extreme rollercoaster that the world threw at you, but you have overcome it all and used it to your advantage in your work. love it,christina"

"i love how use shadows and your view of the world; the LORD has given you a wonderful gift, keep creating - morgan"

"Beautiful use of lighting in these - it creates a very dramatic presence."

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