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Daniel Dove  San Luis Obispo, CA

'Exploded View'

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About Daniel

Daniel Dove received an MFA from Yale University in 1996. Prior to that he studied at University of Texas in San Antonio, Texas.

His work has been exhibited in solo shows including Cherry and Martin in Los Angeles, Assembly at Jack Shainman Gallery in New York, Explosure at Mark Moore Gallery in California, and Hopelessnessless at Miami University in Ohio.

Dove is represented by Cherry and Martin in Los Angeles. He currently lives in San Luis Obispo, California.

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"Quite Impact for me.I don't know about art but i just cant help to THINK what is in the Art-piece.Mixture of 3D effect of the 1st pic(Overlap)and its a sad feeling for the 2nd,trapped in a jail..I've notice both of the art piece have same iconic item.The playground.Guess we still a child deeply in our soul through this chaos."

"Beautiful. Each viewer is a chance to connect, to make your piece affect someone other than you. Your work affects me. I am impressed."

"mind. blown."

"That's great art. The USS Trieste at the oceans floor."

"The "Overlap" piece reminds me of Picasso's "Guernica" to quite a strong degree. The essence of this piece - plus - the difinitive curving, connective line runs through this as well as through Picasso's iconic work. I think it could well be named "9-11-01: Homage To Terror". Afterall - Picasso's was a painting of terror and war as well, eh? i.e., they both have the same effect on the viewer (me).Daniel Dove has created a mezmerizing entanglment of all the emotions I'm re-feeling today (9-11-11). It's beautiful Daniel! Congratulations!"

"Amazing!!! All the dimensions of it are outstanding. Beautiful."

"great use of color and space. reminds me of Roberto Matta. in a good way. very fresh and cool."


"i'm curious as to what's going on in his paintings. i checked out his website and i get this sense that he's looking at deterioration, destruction, memory and imagination. his settings seem like they're in the future or the end of the world. that's my take at least"


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