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Russ Noto  Savannah, GA

'Dog 3'
'Dog 6'

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About Russ

Russell Noto was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and received a BA from Keystone College in 2009.

During his studies he applied himself to various art projects outside the classroom, including a commission for two large paintings for the Scranton Parking Authority’s Permanent Collection.

In 2009, Noto enrolled in an MFA programme at Savannah College of Art and Design, which he is currently completing. Here he continues to expand his visual and theoretical vocabulary while networking with collectors and galleries.

Russ says about his work, “My pictures are a documentation of my experience with nature through art and media. They represent a quest to create the ideal natural form through completely plastic means and the irony that narrates this situation. I want my art to be as much about a window into another world as it is about the window itself.”

His work has been exhibited in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

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"Sandra, where did you get the gay part from? lol. I love pit bulls and I would certainly buy almost all his paintings on pit bulls"

"huge fan of this work. the painterly style is very appealing. i am annoyed with some of the comments on many are caught up on "dog fighting" and such, get off it!!!! go to his website!! look at more of his work!! don't take artwork, of any kind, so literal. most artists try to convey a message through imagery outside of the, for those that are not a fan of this work, go back to your art fairs and buy a landscape painting or photograph"

"These black and white dogs represent the "non-colors" (black and white)....But these dogs are the canvases for some very prismatic colors!They are each representing the colors of a rainbow.Red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,violet....The black dog is a male (possibly a gay male?)The white dog is female(lesbian?)Ying&Yang perhaps? I love this series. There are so many possibilities to it's interpretation ya know? Hats off to the artist!"

"I don't understand what the artist is trying to communicate. Both works ("Dog 3" and "Dog 6") have a disturbing quality to them, which I assume was intended. But what is he trying to say? Is he trying to make a comment or statement about dogs who are suffering?"

"I love the shape look and details of the dogs. I think they are pretty beautiful. I went to your website and loved all your paintings!"

"digusting---clearly about the illegal dog fighting---cruel"

"still beast though"



"Initially, I simply though "that's odd". But the more I've looked at the pieces and read the comments, the more I believe there is definitely more shown here than shock value and negative statements about pit bulls. I certainly don't think these images are meant to show the dogs "violent or predatory" nature. In fact, if you look at the dogs body language, the 'yellow' dog looks as if he is defensive or trying to get away from something. The 'indigo' dog by his face seems as if he could be aggressive, but his body seems to be saying "I know I must do this, but I don't want to". He's tentative and hesitant. If this was the artist's intention, then the 'indigo' label certainly makes sense. I don't care for the choice of the word 'yellow' for the other dog though because that evokes thoughts of cowardice and it seems more like he is defending himself, not being a coward."

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