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Anthony Sneed  Brooklyn, NY

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About Anthony

Anthony Michael Sneed is a multi-platform visual artist living in Brooklyn.

As a child an accident crushed his right hand, permanently disabling it. The impact switching to his left hand might have had on his brain hemispheres is of enduring interest to Sneed as well as a continuous influence on his work.

Beside conventional materials such as paper Sneed often uses video games and Lego. The large-scale canvases he creates from them use a ‘self-referential language,’ he says, and are dominated by the geometrical shape of the pixel.

The rigid angularity of his work contrasts with the playful, tongue-in-cheek nature of his social commentary. Often incorporating 8-bit video game aesthetics, his work seems on one hand anachronistic, or frozen in a time and on the other hand very contemporary, owing to his topical and self-conscious approach.

His work has been exhibited at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, among others.

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"Draws you in but keeps you from getting lost."

"This art is very unique and colorful. I support you."

"Love the light work , as though bulbs are behind teh grids."

"Light shines through the blue and red grids as though they are lamp covers. Quite orderly, soothing. One thing I found disturbing is the definition of anachronistic being included in the text. I say to let the reader determine the meaning via dictionary, further reading ,etc. Most of us do know the meaning of the word I bet."

"Oh Yes, these appeal to my senses! They real my chaotic world right back in with this orderly clean and colorful lines.Love it!"

"I don't know if you have named the featured art yet, but a good name might be lively technicolor."

"your art is beast"

"Very interesting"

"it is very creative.Luv it"

"i first saw Anthony Michael Sneed's work on i had no idea that he was ambidextrous. i loved his work ever since"

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