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Sho Murase  San Francisco, CA

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About Sho

During the last several years Sho has been working in studios across London, Barcelona & San Francisco as an illustrator, animator, designer and storyboard artist.

Her list of clients include brands such as Nike, Virgin, Mattel , Evian and companies such as Sony , Electronics Arts and Tokyopop amongst many others. In addition to her animation work she has been a part of several gallery shows and creating graphic novels. Her fist color graphic novel “SEI” was published by Image Comics in November 2003. Since then she illustrated over a dozen graphic novels.

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"Thank you and thank you for taking your time to check my work + comment ;)"

"I can feel you... and i love it! it shows so much emotion and stuff"

"Love the depth you created in the black and white. Thats not an easy thing to do."

"I think that it is really amazing"

"i love it!"

"These paintings are totally SICK(in a good way)They remind me of the time i went to Miami Ink and got this RAD mermaid tatoo. My boy friend Ami did it and says that he is going to get a tatoo like this. I think these are totally sexy and funky."

"I love it......."

"Its a very good painting but its hard to see all the elements with the black on black"

"Awesome!! I love the black and white, and the use of color in the other! I want them!! ;~)"

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