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Jennifer Davis  Minneapolis, MN

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About Jennifer

My mode of working is very spontaneous and intuitive. I build up layers of paint, sand them down, then build them up some more. I like to create ‘ghost images” by allowing under-layers of line and paint to peek through to the image on the surface. The narrative quality of each painting becomes apparent through drawing, painting and adding bits of found-image collage. Everyday my invented language of symbols grows, repeats, and changes.

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Liz Devlin

founder of FLUX. Boston

"Jennifer is one of my favorite artists to follow, her work is filled with a sense of whimsy and wonder. And I always love her experiments with non-traditional canvases. One day you might find her transforming wooden fruits into tiny misfit creatures and the next she is breathing new life into well-loved thrift store finds."

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"I actually like this. The best word to describe it is definatley whimsical. I would like to hold one of the strings as well. The animals are so unique and I am a big animal lover. I also like the rabbit's shoes."

"Whimsical & unique! Very spare--like a poem."

"i think that your art is completly amazing. i am an artist also. i am almost 16 and i am really excited to improve my artistic skills."

"i think that your art is very interesting. it shows that you have a really great imagination. i am an artist and i do pastel and sketching. i am an experienced artist but i still need to improve. well i guess all artists need to improve on something. thanks for putting your art on line. bye. -felicia jabbo-"

"These are so cute, especially the manatee. Not that there's anything wrong with surrealism (I love it, i have a Dali calender..) but theres been alot of surreal-type stuff lately. Sweet ;3"

"Wow! Are these being sold anywhere? They are completely amazing!!! They are so different and original!!!"

"i think theese paintings are amazing i am under 13 years old & i know how amazing how they have meaning cool huhif that could be real i would take a strig & hold it as i proudly march (bottom pic)"

"your work is very unique, which is why i like it! in my opinion, it has a bit of a vintage feel to it- which i love!!!! keep creating and doing what you do best!! :)"

"A little trite work. One was interesting multi reminds me of Whale etc."

"I love the subtle colors......its so whimsical and sweet.great work"

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