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Robin Page  Baltimore, MD

'Self Portrait, Fake Beard'

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About Robin

Robin Page received a BFA cum laude in printmaking from Maryland Institute College of the Art in 2010.

She draws on a large sheets of paper with various types of charcoal and erasers to move between traditional realistic portraiture and exaggerated texture. Subjects are chosen for their distinctive features, which range from beards to bone structure and acne to nose shape.

Her drawings focus and explore aesthetic features of individual faces. It is a personal artistic journey with the aim to discover why and how individual features can assume an iconic quality.

Page has won several honors including most recently a MICA Talent Grant. Her work has been exhibited extensively in Maryland.

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'Eye Contact'


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"im scared."

"very contemplative expression. i can only wonder your thougths at the moment. i admire your knowledge of the human form---the lighting effects create a very life like quality. your soul seems to reflect in the portaits eyes! fantastic vision!!"

"He's interesting and frightening all at the same time. Artistically, the technique has conveyed a story of someone of great interest and yet, I would love to know the artist's inspiration for for mustache and lips that seem to be exagerated and upturned, more animal-like, as if pre-historic era or cave-man days. I personally love oil landscapes, but wanted to give my comment."

"I love the piece. I think they are beautiful and very life-like. Keep up on drawing these."

"All MY friends are monkeys-no, tthat's not really true.Cacilia & The Rolling Stones"

"very cool love how the technique makes wrinkles on youth"

"Nice work! A very difficult angle done well and your techniques are interesting and refreshingly different. Keep pushin' never know when it's going to happen."

"you are moving sideways in your mind-- it allows me to see who you are --- very good -- Kwaheri ----"

"You are moving side ways in your mind -- the affect is allowing me to see who you are ---- very good *"

"Some call it art, some call it weird.It's technically fairly good but unpleasant to look at. So I don't call it "art", but, it does seem rather "weird" --- especially the apparently fake beard. Not something I would ever buy and if someone gave it to me I would give it away to someone who appreciated it."

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