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Katie Lewis  San Francisco, CA

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About Katie

Katie Lewis received an MFA from California College of the Arts in 2006. Prior to that she studied at The Colorado College and University of Concepción, Chile.

Her installation pieces trace human experiences by a meticulous process of investigation. She aims to document things such as chaos, control and deterioration.

The artificially rigid organization of her materials represents individual body as an institution that can be controlled internally through a series of concrete events. Using the body as a starting point, Lewis aims to give expression to various physical sensations still invisible to the eye and medical imaging.

She first produces data by experimentation, and then produces systems to give the collected data a physical form. Abstracting and codifying the collected data, she aims to evoke a sense of passing time, presence and absence, chaos and order, and so forth.

‘Once I devise a system for a particular piece, I follow it all the way through the work allowing the visual results to exist outside of subjective expressive decisions.’

Her work has been exhibited across California.

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"I came across an installation by Katie Lewis in a tiny store in the NYC this morning and long to see more. The piece I saw is so beautiful, deceptively simple at first glance, and on looking further complicated and evocative.. I for one want to know a lot more about Katie, in whatever words she thinks are accurate for such important work."

"The first one reminds me of what one focuses on when eating a chicken wing, with areas receiving more attention being represented by line density. The second one reminds me of the sound leaves make when they fall. It's fun to learn about what other people think of her work, just to see how far she's reached with ideas. Beautiful."

"Both put me in the mindset of birds."

"Kinda looks like a musical note to me, and the one under neath it looks like a musical staff of some sorts"


"Wow, people really hating on the artist statement. The work's nice."

"Very Intriguing work - makes you want to look even more - I love the SCULPTOR "HATE LOG" -"

"Well, she has put together several words in her descriptions that make absolutely no sense...either subjectively or objectively..."

"I love new, exotic, playful, abstract art. I also find this piece interesting. I don't know much about the behind the scene art thing, but I love the mechanics of it. I am starting my own collection of pieces I've done. I have 5 complete paintings thus far. What should I do? Please respond accordingly. Thanks,Guthrie B."

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