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Seth Orion Schwaiger  Glasgow, Scotland


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About Seth Orion

Seth Orion Schwaiger holds a BFA from University of Wyoming.

The decidedly figurative style of his sculptures epitomizes the desire to establish an immediate connection with his viewer.

Building on connections such as sympathy, empathy, threat, recollection, humor, and so forth, his more recent work has focused on relationships between the sculpture and the viewer, and their mutual environment.

In 2011 Schwaiger was nominated for the The Broomhill National Sculpture Prize. His work has been exhibited in the United States, Britain, and Germany.

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"It's a pleasure to find such raantitlioy in an answer. Welcome to the debate."

"That's great,I like Lucas Simoes..."


"For those asking about location of the work:The sculptures are located in the Broomhill Sculpture Gardens in Devon, UK."

"whoa! they almost startle at first -they're arresting in their visual draw. Creepy/COOL!. I love that they have mossgrowing on them! Don't listen to the cry-babies man, thiss*** is HOT!"

"Past sentry's that time forgot and the Earth slowly devours, the only remenants left from an empire collapsed. Or some mythic people trees made of wood and moss with mudd for blood. No matter what way you look at it these statues spark stories... I also like amwylyd observation of a spiritual connection. And second the "amazing pieces of art and expression" statement. Huzzah! Really brilliant stuff! What are they made of?"

"really strong a sense of memory with strange terror's victims..."

"Something almost alien like about them. They are beautiful and creepy at the same time."

"I am artist,afraid to be in that garden..."

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