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Michael Boshart  San Diego, CA

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Michael Boshart’s paintings are predominantly portraits. His work is inspired by photo realism. ‘The brief moment of my images allude to the wonder and resonance of what is fleeting and what might be captured,’ he says.

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"Great work."

"I agree that the arms seem to be a bit thin however without knowing the model that was used it would be hard to say that they are not in fact correctly so. Also these paintings here are not photo realistic but I do not think they are meant to be. I took a loot at Michaels site and came across a couple paintings that are. So it seems to me that he chooses the amount or realism he would like to portray in his pieces. I guess that is what is meant by artistic freedom.."

"To me, it seems like a nice effort but all I can notice are the unintentional anatomy mistakes (tiny arms, especially in the second painting) and the unfinished parts of the painting. I think that the unfinished parts give character but at times it just seems like laziness... If he is going for photo realism, he has a long way to go."

"its so lovely a clear display of creativity"

"looks like, she's saying, A Big Book, what the f###..."

"I like how the wall fades back to reveal the inner structure and some plumbing work. Also like how the floor fades away. As if time and space is shifting. Reminds me of Cube 2: Hypercube (terrible movie, but it's what came into my mind!)"

"I really like these paintings. I love the simpleness and effectiveness of the ladies in the paintings. Keep up the amazing work. Two thumbs way up!"

"Michael, I really like your paintings. I love realistic and mysterious paintings. I also love the simpleness and effectness of the ladies have in the paintings. Two thumbs way up!"

"I just loved it;It is so mysterious and the fade colours are fantastic"

"really wonderful ,it is so nice"

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