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Jeffrey Conley  Corvallis, OR

'Figure and Tide'
'Zen Hillside'

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About Jeffrey

Jeffrey Conley’s photographs reflect his sense of wonder and reverence for the natural world.

The scale and tonal range of his silver gelatin prints varies from small and subtle to large and dramatic. He strives in all his work to capture a meditative spirit that may convey the fragility and magic he witnesses in the natural world.

His originals, developed manually in a darkroom, have been exhibited at numerous galleries and museums worldwide.

Recommended by our guest curators

Tracy Rocca

Albuquerque, NM Artist

"Beautifully luminous meditations on nature. Perfect in their simplicity."

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'Into The Woods'

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"would enjoy more of this, i relate to this in my photographing mind"

"just wooow"

"Stunning photography at its finest"


"Feels like I'm laying on a forest floor looking up......really like it Jeffery."

"Phenomenal, I can really get a lot of duality and connection between the two of these. I love to focus on the white."

"To me, Jeff's work captures not only nature's sensous magic, but also creates an additional sensation of abstract beauty....a new way of seeing things. Truly gifted. (speaking as the owner of one of his pieces)."

"Beautiful work!"

"Thanks so much for sharing these! Touched my soul!"

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