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Alexandra Manukyan  Los Angeles, CA


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About Alexandra

Alexandra Manukyan received a BFA in graphic design from UCLA in 2004. Her paintings examine the idea that our seemingly separate and isolated life experiences disguise the extent of our communal bonds.

Manukyan combines traditional oil painting with surrealist symbolism to communicate the impact of technological innovations on the human body and psyche. One recurring motif in her paintings is the feminine form that bears the burdens of worldly grief and mistakes, her body bowed to represent resignation.

Masks and assumed identities obstruct the conscious mind from acknowledging what unites us as human beings, she says. ‘The false facades we manufacture blind us to the meaningful idea of a shared experience.’

In addition to painting, she has since 1990 worked in fashion and entertainment, screen printing, writing fashion editorials and worked for the companies such as Susan Borrows, Bill Glazer and Fashion Life.

Her paintings are collected worldwide.

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"Your paintings are so alive as if they talk, it is amazing, I am very fortunate that learned about your art work from a friend.RespectfullyEmma Avetic Gh."

"Amazing, intriguing, fascinating, beautiful, I feel like I could be the subject of your painting... like I know the secrets they hold."

"Alexandra is a beautiful artist! She is so talented, amazing, good, excellent, and much more!"


"looks like you were looking at a lot of Steven Meisel"

"Your pictures are amazing and very inspiring, your work is beautiful and and very convincing, thanks for sharing.."

"Excellent expressions of the messages the artist wants to convey. The 'about' section gives information that definitely adds another level of interest to each piece. I want to know more about what's going on in the paintings."

"your are painting genius"

"really nice works...... i like .... you are so creative"

"in the same time love it and hate it (hate comes from envy)"

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