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Kaspian Shore  Munster, Germany

'Red sun'
'A sombre tale of a strange matter'

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About Kaspian

Kaspian Shore is a self-taught painter and illustrator, born in 1983.

He spent most of his youth in isolation, writing poetry and making art as a form of comfort.

His portraits represent androgynous boys, hiding the sadness of many untold stories behind their empty, questioning eyes.

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"one of the best artists ive seen on this site. I think the 2 paintings shown do not do this artist justice. do yourself a favor and check the artist's website."

"Technically competent with media, however the subject matter lacks 'life' and a sense of engagement between the artist, subject, and painting surface."

"this is a good picture of sadness and strength"

"i think i like this painting"

"enormous pain and determination very well captured"

"The subject looks so much like a lady I used to know and worked with. She was chronically depressed and very cynical. She died of a brain tumor a number of years ago. This portrait looks so much like her, I saw shocked to see it! The technique, and the sort of flowing decorative treatment, together with the somber mood forces you to really study it. I like it!"

"looks like he is going to tell a story"

"I don't think Shore is copying Kawasaki, but is influenced by her. These portraits are more naturalistic whereas Kawasaki's are slightly more stylized."

"I can't find my anti-whatever drugs. My passport photo shows more life."

"why are you copying audrey kawasaki?"

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