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Peter Ravn  Copenhagen, Denmark


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About Peter

Peter Ravn holds a degree in architecture and design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the 80s and 90s, before becoming a painter, he designed record sleeves and posters and directed pioneering, experimental music videos for some of the biggest names in Scandinavian rock and pop music.

During this period, Ravn also designed a fashion project called DEMOCRATS, characterised by T-shirts with conceptual graphic designs boasting (often controversial) philosophical and political slogans, whose influence can be traced in his more recent paintings.

His work has been exhibited in Denmark and Italy.

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"Found an interview with Peter Ravn here:"

"That's how i feel after visiting my lawyer. Brilliant work."

""Corporate exhaustion"... thats the title that springs to mind, or "No Bonus for the banker""

"looks like GW and therefore a typical day"

"I really enjoy the texture on the face and the consistency in the fluid yet choppy paint application."

"This painting is like something i've never seen before. I feel like i'm in 2 places at once. Pure genuis"

"This man looks depressed and found comfort and escape on this cold soft sofa. Sadly I think too many of us can relate to this drawing. Then there are those who are just wacked out and without natural affection."

"This is interesting, what do you all say?"

"Love it! The use of colours and design truly portrays the man's stress; it's incredible how we can practically live his world and feel what he's feeling just through a piece of art. He looks so stressed, sad, pained, and just overwhelmed with life. Beautiful piece, it evokes feeling and almost... sympathy for this man. It probably has so much more meaning and symbolism to it, the artist should be so proud to have created such a piece. Lovely :)"

"I can tell the artist has the precision of an architect. I like the images and his style, even though they look like illustrations for a crime drama lol"

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