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Sean Marc Lee  Los Angeles, CA

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About Sean Marc

Currently based in Los Angeles, Sean Lee takes photos drawing influences mainly from the cinema.

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"they both give off a feeling of anxiety. the first one suggests she was in a stressful situation due to her posture.the second one raises a question. What was she running from if she had to go through the window. I love these. They are hair-raising."

"These shots are very tangible. Your eyes stop here...and I want more. Like the effect. I'm in~ Cheers"

"These evoke feeling. Very amazing... i love them both."

"Phenomenal work! I love it. Great use of light, contrast... great eye for composition...What I love most is how each of your photographs hinges upon, and/or reveals, the power of gesture. In several photographs this attention to gesture, to movement and placement and how the two combined express feeling, is so subtle, like the placement of a napkin having been discarded just after finishing a meal, one need not even look for it to feel its presence or effect. Your work affects the viewer without being obvious or overbearing; it's how, in real life, one stumbles upon a delicious moment they wish to savor forever. That's beauty. That's perfection."

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