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Christopher Russell  Oakland, CA


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About Christopher

Christopher Russell paints landscapes that mix fantasy with his own accounts of the outdoors.

He believes that nature is important to his mental well-being, as well as essential to his work. Likewise, his paintings endeavor not to depict nature realistically but to describe the human experience of nature, a thing he loves.

Russell does not regard his work as very deeply rooted in the longstanding tradition of landscape painting. ‘The modern-day Thomas Moran equivalent would be an episode of Planet Earth’ he says, ‘not one of my paintings’.

Apart from large canvases, Russell occasionally paints on his own, small pieces of woodwork.

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'Into The Woods'

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"I liked the previous painting so well, I used it as my wallpaper. Unfortunately, I had to change it because it did not fit properly and looked terrible. The comment by "anonymous" describes your paintings best for me."

"I love the colors Christopher uses. The landscapes look like they came straight out of someone's dream."

"Ohhh! So gorgeous! It makes me think of a peaceful trip to the forest right after a rain storm. And the mountain one is just as beautiful! Where do you get your inspiration?"

"Been there - you should come to Alaska. Stay two weeks in Girdwood hiking, riding, skiing the surrounding area. This place would flow straight into your heart."

"I Love this! Great stuff, atmospheric, hyper-real, beautiful!"

"Both off these examples draw you in. They also have each one a mood. The woodsy landscape is special to me because I have been in a place like this and it brought me back to a special place in my memory. The sky really is intense, just as it really is when a storm approaches- The second one "Melt" Has beautiful light like in my remembrance of the western US mountains. These both touch peoples feelings and I think that is a credit to the artist."

"Absolutely BEAUTIFUL - reminds me of my tree planting days in Northern Ontario - I also love the surrealism in your other works - DEFINITELY a talented artist.RABIN"

"Nature even more beautiful"

"this comment is for Chistopher russell, what imagination about forest and nature. I still wondering if GOD had had something like this in mind when he create the world, or maybe it could be one of the many ways of how GOD looks the world and to us as well as one tiny part of everithing but so important to sustain life, creation bad and good and his great love."

"Well done. Just can' thinking every time I look at this, that someone will come alone and make a golf course out of it. Just sayin."

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