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Karl Lautman  Los Angeles, CA

'5-Way Metronomicon'

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About Karl

Karl Lautman was born in Los Angeles, California, and studied economics at Stanford University.

Motivated by a fascination with the tension between what one expects a machine to do and what the machine ‘wants’ to do, Lautman designs machines whose actions are inconsistent and seemingly unexpected to human perception.

Whether built to calculate prime numbers on electromechanical counters or to generate organized sequences of clicks on a relay, his machines are at once familiar and surprising.

‘The power and ubiquity of technology has bred complacency among those who use it regularly’ says Lautman. ‘Yet the capacity of machines to misbehave is endless.

His work has been exhibited across California and he has been commissioned by clients including the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Pennsylvania.

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"Nice tricks! Very lucky to be able to recreate what he imagines. Art in motion is among my favorites."

"nice! i love that first one!"

"A breath of fresh air...Absolute eye candy and a downlosd from the day...Bravo!"

"OH OH - I missed the video - THAT IS SOOOOO COOOL.RABIN"

"it is an interesting piece - you are right about the clean lines & easy to look at but I think it provokes the mind & what the artist is trying to say - we all have seen and played our part in the DOMINO affect - here Karl Lautman creates a circle for the DOMINO affect - it will not end - it will be continuous - meaning all that happens in life will continuously repeats itself - stand up and start all over again - stand up and start all over again - Domino's are a child's toy - played by old men sitting on a porch on a sunning evening talking days gone by - so this piece even though created by an adult means for children to explore - simple things like this is what brings joy and world discussions of the theory of evolution or a young lady walking by in her Sunday dress or the world of business - shingles on a roof can be compared to Domino's - well done.RABIN"

"Well I am definitely not an art critique, but I think this piece (Ouroborus) with the dominoes is kind of cool. I like the black and white. the red in the front is the last thing I noticed... kind of like an aftertaste (but in a good way). If I had something like this in my home, I would put it on the coffee table. I like how clean it looks. It's modern but not weird. But my cats would destroy it within 5 minutes so I will appreciate online. :-) Maybe this isn't quite what you wanted people see in your art, but those are my thoughts. God bless and I wish you all the best in your endeavors."

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