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Bonard Hughins  Birmingham, AL


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About Bonard

Bonard Hughins works in various mediums and styles to maximize his communication channels. He describes it as being multilingual.

‘Working in this way helps me better understand the world and its symbols both natural and artificial,’ says Hughins.

His most recent series features his family and friends and explores color with varied dot pattern and size through a process not unlike CMYK printing.

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"I'd love to see the artist working on these pieces! I love them!"

"Ehhh, I can respect it but its not my favorite."

"cool stuff, just kinda hurts my eyes a little bit ;)"

"Saw this work in a recent issue of New Amerincan Painting. Very cool, especially when you can check it out real up close in the magazine. Its somehow at once painterly and impersonal. Very nice work"

"I like the use of texture. "Ashley" looks like a cotton T-shirt. Both pictures do have a warm feel to them."

"ashley:could be 1888 or 2011"

"It sure looks like computer work. Photoshop? or the old ACDsee. Anyone who tries anything to make image has my appreciation anyway...bravo?"

"top reminds me of finding very old paintings that has been uncared for, beautiful in it's value leaving you a feeling of what did it look like before? wonderful.the second reminds me of waking from a dream just opening your eyes and seeing that special person before you , half awake half still dreaming.wonderful work!!!"

"The top one, Ashley, is beautiful. The bottom one annoys me from the strange variation of dots I guess."

"very nice I enjoy this picture very much It makes me feel good"

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