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Marci Paper  Brooklyn, NY

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About Marci

For the past five years I have been tracking my experience and daily events as they manifest into memory. I honor my everyday experiences and seemingly insignificant events for the role that they play and the impact that they have on, my ever-changing, present moment. By tracking these events through paint, digital video, audiotape, and embroidery, I have been able to hold on to a little longer, understand a little better, and have physical evidence of, my existence.

In a diaristic manner, I record the state of my life on a daily basis using paint. Events both minor and major, anxieties, and emotions felt from day to day are transformed into abstracted symbols. With each day the paintings progress, and a new layer of symbols and patterning both cover and transform the layers left from the day before. I use sanding and erasures to reveal layers that still hold importance for me, and often use a figure-ground reversal to create shape out of past experiences. As days go by and the paintings as well as the animations move through compositions, early layers become vague and disrupted as well as enhanced by new information. My final product is an intensely layered record of my current state of being bearing the history of my recent past. In this way I am trying to make visible the transformation of my experiences into that of memories.

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"Hi, I'm looking for an artist to paint me and my boyfriend before Christmas as this will be one of my gifts to him. He's been asking since this past summer about us doing something like that. If this is something you can do or can refer us to someone. I'd appreciate it. Thanks."

"neat-o. keep painting!"

"i like your art"

"Enjoy your work. The first - the one showcased under "artist of the day" - has a batik quality to it. Is it painted freehand? If so, in what medium? Enjoy your use of color, simple shapes, repetition, and minimalism. lovely."

"Thanks for the images Marci. They are whimsical & lovely. I want to recommend a friend who's work is similiar to yours. Please write me privately."

"I really like these. They are simple and beautiful and modern. Great!"

"Hey Marci! I recognized those images and realized these were your paintings, they look great. I was featured on this site back in Sep. Hope all is well."

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