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Amy Dover  Durham, UK

'Bear your teeth'
'Pop Shop'

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About Amy

Amy Dover’s drawings depict a dark and hidden side of nature. Using graphite pencil she renders humans and other animals in tremendous detail.

She is inspired primarily by music, poetry and folklore, resulting in recurring themes such as death, deceit and humiliation:

Her characters include cannibalistic crows, humiliated bears, and the innocence and loss of a dead sparrow.

Since 2008, Dover’s work has been exhibited in group and solo shows across the United States.

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"What species or better yet name or type of bird in pop shop? Superb workmanship."

"WoW. love it:)"

"There's something extremely disconcerting about these works :-? I think it comes from the emotions expressed so well on these subjects. Very troubling, and fascinating."

"dont know what inspired "Pop Shop, a bird, on a hear, huh, cool stuff tho, great line detail"

"love this."

"love the sort of deep, darker underlying themes. I like how you ancored the first one by leaving it mostly blank. I think that adds to it. :)"

"wow! those are really really good drawings. At first i thought the bird on the heart was gross, but i actually really like it and am intreeged. GREAT work!"

"the bear one reminds me of jan brettthese are really nice!"

"Beautiful,left too much space, but the artist brings out sad emotions, mix with anger. Either way leaves one thinking of the "what if" idea. An astonishing drawing."

"It's the Golden Compass.That's me and my neice.Holiday cards please."

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