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Nicholas Max  Stafford, VA

'This is Where the Rich Kids Come to Die'
'The Wolves (Act I & 2)'

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About Nicholas

Nicholas Max is a seventeen-year-old photographer. He is currently studying art at Virginia Common Wealth University.

His work is primarily influenced by geology, astronomy, Salvador Dali, and Andy Warhol.

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'Stormy Weather'



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"Thought-provoking, soulful, intriguing. Can clearly see the influences from Salvador Dali. Outstanding! Stay cool"

"RE: Nicholas Max. This is a precise...uncanny, even... depiction of two of my recurring nightmares: tornadoes approaching and train tracks that seemingly lead nowhere. Don't know how you did it, Nick but you have invaded my (distressed) psyche and emerged with an actual image from my nightmares. You might not like this's a highly cinematic image. I think it's just beautiful...beautifully right on the money. Thank you, sir."

"I love the ambience :)"

"Its really devastatingly gorgeous its one of those things are extremely beautiful, but you would never want to get to close to it for fear of it killing you.I love these colors too, Great job"

"This mix in it up art is nice! You cant stop where this could go! VERY very good contrasting art!"

"theres so much beauty in speaks danger and also shows signs of being carefree to me as well..this is an artist i'd definately use as inspiration. its breathtaking."

"this is thought provoking,to say the least.It shows gods power.thanks"


"it really sspeaks to me and me and makes me wondera person to watch fo because he will do great things"

"So much beauty in the mist of chaos"

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