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Zhang Huan  Shanghai, China

'Long Island Buddha'
'Ash Jesus'

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About Zhang

Zhang Huan is a Chinese artist based in Shanghai and New York. He received a BFA from He Nan University in 1988 and an MFA from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1993.

Huan began as part of a small artistic community known as the Beijing East Village, located on the city margins. The group pioneered a new and controversial brand of performance art.

His sculptures reflect his background in performance. Using simple and repetitive gestures, and temple music, he seeks points at which the spiritual manifests itself physically.

His work has been extensively exhibited worldwide.

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Ryan Roth

Art Director, Roth Management

"Sometimes I like to just walk in a forest and see something that looks like a broken piece of an age long ago. With Zhang Huan, I find myself wanting to see his works in ransom forrest clearings, on secluded beaches and such. Public art is a great contributor to us all and I'd like to see more of his works around the world."

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""Long Island Buddha" ~ is monumentally moving! I truly love this."

"Wonderful! Inspiring! Beautiful talent. My Buddha sculptures pale. But I am indeed inspired. I plan to sculpt again when a studio space is available in August. Wishing I had my own."

"pic a; richly laid to rest at the expense of many advocates.pic b; a withering pursuit,ideology or faith."

"I don't really care the "how" of art. Nor, does any artist. I do like the former commentary that "boat-slip" has spun. Positive and returning to the earth, as we are all meant. Zhang, this melting Buddha, and the following photo of burnt to a crisp Jesus, are both clearly expressing disappointment in popular religion and a glass facade of promises. Each are visual commentary on religion, shouting at the elders of each. This is why we make art, is it not? So our soul can speak. Sometimes it is phantom, funky seditionist,Zhang Huan. I for one, am anxious for more. Your heart speaks to me.Personally, melting Buddha strikes me, as I have recently found solace in Buddhism. I have never considered of Buddha melting into Dali-ism. And for lack of better intellectual language, I am a little shaken up by it right now. That was my symbol of peace...and now paragraphs of self-pity could ensue,however I spare you. I want to discern more, but must tuck my babies to bed.Congratulations Zhang. If you are ever in Orange County, Ca. lets hang!I cannot wait to see more thought provoking works from your soul. Jillian"

"verry cool"

"Very vintage modern in a way. Fresh! Luvin it"

"its nice"

"I love the Buddha and the Jesus!!!! Beautiful art!"

"This is very unique art. I like it because I feel I can get a sense of the Buddhist culture through it."

"Very nice pictures, but it did look like Buddha lost his head for a minute."

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