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Jessica Drenk  Clemson, SC

'Procession 5'
'Bibliophylum 6'

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About Jessica

Jessica Drenk received an MFA from University of Arizona.

During her childhood in Montana, she developed an appreciation for nature that remains an important source of inspiration today. Tactile and textural, her sculptures highlight the chaos and beauty found in basic materials.

She was awarded Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture by the International Sculpture Center in 2006 and received a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts in 2009.

Her work has been exhibited nationwide.

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'South Carolina'

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"Excellent work. I would happily display it on my walls."

"Love the work, so surprised to see you are so close by in Clemson. Do you exhibit anywhere on the east coast? Mira Scott"

"I keep waiting for a subliminal 3d picture to to Cats or Griz."

"Does nothing for me. No feeling, no inspiration."

"Fantabulous! Organic, textural, a represents dichotomy, how things can be very similar and different at the same time!"

"Very crafty but I don't see the art in it. Thanks for showing."

"Good work, both here and on the artist's website. Would like to spend the time to encourage the artist properly (and deservedly) but must move on today. Again, good, good work."

"Yes its art, as was Carl Andres pile of bricks but this lacks the iconoclastic impact while sharing the minimalism. Its nice to look at - like so many pretty things in habitat or Ikea. But it it is lightweight in terms of meaning or narrative, although it does demonstrate some technical virtue and some of the work is clever. So it's Art and its pretty, but then so is a piece of polished driftwood if I put it in a gallery and call it Art."

"Highly evocative, organized, and cogent. Their is a disturbing, yet intoxicating element to the work. Procession 5 reminds me of, god what's her name,...she is a very famous New York Sculptor. I want to say Louis Borgoise (sp?), but that is not it. Anyway, she takes odds and ends and does a similar thing. My own work is very similar to yours Ms. Drenk. I work in a very clinical and precise way, pulling the saps of courage from my audience. Bibliophylum six is very strange. There is a sort of tension. I like that. Good art is challenging, raw, sophisticated, and unapologetic. It is meant to anger, delight, and further the audience's pallette."

"Though this work requires a great deal of time and ingenuity, I would classify it as craftworks, not art. It may be artistic but that does not indicate that it is art. I like it but a little of this goes a long way with me. But that is just me. Keep up the nice work."

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