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Stephen O’Donnell  Portland, OR

'Le Nouvel Orphee'
'les deux'

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About Stephen

Stephen O’Donnell paints in a genre he initially did not know the historical precedent of, portrait historié, which is characterized by its recognizable subject, depicted in historic or mythological guise.

Examples include a French king impersonating a Roman general, an actress as a tragic muse, or a stout Dutch merchant and his vacant-eyed wife in a masquerade of Antony and Cleopatra.

His work has been exhibited locally in Portland, Oregon.

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"Thanks for everyone's lovely comments. I just want to mention that, though the color in the first image is approximately correct - the candle light informs the color, of course - in the second, Les Deux, the color is far from accurately reproduced. Some sort of glitch happened in the uploading to the website? At any rate, the flesh tones in the actual painting (of me and my wife) are not at all VIVID yellow. They are quite normal and natural looking - except for the rouge! Just so you know...."

"this genre of painting would undoubtedly require by some cmplete and full details. any omission of statements may appear as an omission of truth, facts...not sure if you the artist are bound by any pre-requisite of loyalty to historic knowledge. quite a dilema?wouldn't you say so?but; as a person who dabbled in painting. in paintings that were not in any way or remotely connected to history, i would give my brush a rest at that ...certain moment in time, when a voice in the head tells: that's it, that'll do...!try it!process in itself can take at times, historical dimensions, personal, that is...cannot comment in fact on the historical rendering of your portraits histories above because some variance in this body of knowledge may exist, and also i am not deemed to be an expert. however, i am very much inpossession of certain facts, very well portrayed by you. who could forget the fact that very high hairdos were the order of the day leading even to install appropriate doors?"

"Love the comment about the moody blues! I love them! anyway, I absolutley LOVE that "Le Nouvel Orphee"- very true the comment about how it has a sort of saftey to it yet there is some mystery there that draws you in. Fantastic painting! The second painting is really comical! Haha, very creative having the two huge wigs join together- love that idea! Pretty funny with that man! Looks like the woman is thinking, "Help me!" haha Very good work! Love these!"

"I enjoy the playfulness that shows through. I want to see more!"

"Gloriously fabulous!"

"This image is done in the style of Caravaggio. Pretty cool!"

"A special night with Mel Gibson"

"This man instantly sent my root chakra into over speed, i quickly realized it resembled a unhealthy old partner, especially the lips. Gotta love what art makes me feel, even art has a yin and yang balance in that aspect..."

"The title should be "Guided by the Light.""

"is the guy with the candle michael bolton? and is the guy w/ the wig charles grodin?"

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